Better Blog Challenge Day 16: Create an Editorial Calendar

by Katy on November 1, 2011

Today’s suggestion is one that I really struggle with, but whenever I implement it, I’m always glad that I did. The suggestion for today is to create an editorial calendar for your blog. If you’re not familiar with that term, simply put, it means that you sit down with the calendar and plot out what you’re going to write on what days.

2009 calendar with a flower on top

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Sounds pretty simple, right?

As a personal blogger, I find it difficult to do–how do I know what will be important to me next week? Still, some personal bloggers create calendars by having themes–Wordless Wednesday, Stream of Consciousness Sunday, etc.

For almost any other kind of blog, an editorial calendar can save you a ton of time–you only need one brainstorm session to get down a bunch of posts. For example, this series on creating a better blog–before I even started, I planned out 30 titles. Now, when it’s time to write, I just pick one title and get writing. So much faster than sitting down, brainstorming, and then starting to write. I’m pleasantly surprised every time I write one of these posts because they come together so quickly.

See if you’ve got a planner in you–try planning a week or maybe even an entire month. If you can’t stand the idea of micro-managing things then maybe toy with the idea of having theme days.


  • Christa Connerat

    This is a WONDERFUL idea. I meal plan, which makes it so much easier to figure out “what’s for dinner” each day. I need to apply this to blogging. I usually wait until I think of a great idea but I realized the other day that in my iphone I have a list of ideas that could probably fill a month. Thanks for the idea Katy!

  • NovaReylin

    Ohh! I’m sad! I found this today and started from day 1 and just realized I hit the last day! Can’t wait until tomorrow! 😀

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  • Head Ant

    I have been using a great WP plugin for my calendar.

  • judy thorne

    Is there and actuals listing of the Louisiana blogs?

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  • Richard Hellstrom

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