Better Blog Challenge Day Nine: Create a “How To” Post

by Katy on October 9, 2011

The previous posts have focused mainly on things that you can do to the appearance of your blog or the website itself. Today’s challenge is about content you can add to your blog.

Try your hand at writing a “how-to” post. Think about your reader, and try to think of something that they’d like to know more about. My personal blog is about raising a child with special needs–specifically, raising a child who is physically disabled. I wrote a how-to post on how to buy shoes that fit over ankle-foot orthotics. Clearly not a post for everyone! But it’s one of my blog’s most popular posts and I still get emails on the topic and weekly visitors as a result.

So, think it over and see what you can come up with. Might find that you like writing that type of post!

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