Better Blog Challenge Day Twelve: Read a Magazine

by Katy on October 12, 2011

page from a magazine

Image courtesy of Phillie Casablanca

Not only is this tip an easy one–it’s also fun! You know your blog topic–now go to the store and purchase a magazine. that covers the exact same topic. Now, you can’tjust kick back and read it. Sorry!  You need to study it. What are your favorite articles? What sections do you like? Are they covering angles you haven’t thought of?

Magazines are gold mines of ideas. They got a staff of people working on this stuff–they have a budget! They are very good at what they do.

I’m not saying take their ideas word for word or anything–but get inspired! For example, I’m a parenting blogger. I blog about–duh–parenting, but also crafts I do with my kids. A glance at a parenting magazine might show that it would also be good to blog about foods my kid likes to eat, or clothes that we love.

Head on over to your local news stand and have a little fun with this one!

  • Christa Connerat

    I love this idea! I’m going to do this one ASAP. Thanks!

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